Abercorn School parent review

17 Sep

Thank you so much to mum of three Colleen for submitting londonpreprep’s first parent review!! She has three children at Abercorn School in St John’s Wood and has written the following in the comments section of the Abercorn School profile:

“I have three children at Abercorn School who have been students there since 2008. We are Americans living abroad and chose to send our children to a British school for the experience. We have never been happier about a decision! Abercorn is a lovely school with caring teachers and a dedicated staff. Our kids love going to school and have absolutely thrived. Abercorn gives each child the attention needed to reach their maximum potential. Children all learn differently and are at varying levels. Abercorn recognises this and sets the work for children accordingly. We are very impressed with how our children have performed and know that they will continue to excel thanks to Abercorn”.

It is great to hear how well her children at doing at Abercorn and really helpful for other parents visiting this site to get an inside view of the school. I hope this is the first of many comments to come, so if you do have children attending one of the schools featured here, please do leave a comment and let other parents in London hear about your experience!


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