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This site has moved to

21 Sep

Now that the content is ready, I have moved the site to

This blog will be here for a while but will not be updated. Please visit the new website Hope to see you there!


Launching London preprep

18 Aug

Welcome to London preprep! I assume you are either expecting your first baby or have already given birth to that little treasure, so congratulations!!! And now you are starting to think of schools and might be getting worried. You might have heard stories about having to live on the doorstep of good state schools in order to get into them. And you might have heard about having to fax registrations to private pre preps right from the labour ward. No wonder you are worried!

There is good news though, and that is that both these stories are largely exaggerated, and while there are these cases, truth is that there is an incredible range of fantastic private schools in Central London catering to different needs of children, and although not everyone will get into their top choice school, it is rare if not unheard of for anyone not to get their child into a good private school if they do their research and prepare in time. That’s what this blog is for!

The reason for me to set up this blog is that I was in your shoes a year ago, researching and visiting many of the most popular prepreps in London after my lovely daughter was born, and I found it really hard to get good information online. Most of the information goes word of mouth between parents in their neighbourhoods, so you rely on the school website and your school visit along with what you may have heard from a couple of parents on the playground. It is especially hard for newly arrived expats who have a smaller local network than those local families who have been living in their neighbourhoods for decades or centuries.

This website will

– profile all the top Central London preprep schools

– provide links to all the schools and further useful websites with school and parent reviews

– in the future, I hope to expand this website into a forum for international parents to exchange information on school admissions and network

I hope you find this website useful! Please leave feedback if you have any ideas on how to make this website even better!


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