This site has moved to www.londonpreprep.com

all links below will link to the new site.


Welcome to London Pre-Prep! This website aims to support young parents in London to make sense of  pre-prep school selection and admissions and to share news and developments from the sector. When I was looking for a pre-prep school for my daughter, I felt that there were two extremes: websites which dumped a list of 50 possible private primary schools on me, and sensationalist press stories suggesting mothers should fax in registrations from the labour ward. Londonpreprep.com tries to give more focused and balanced information on choosing and gaining admission to one of the top pre-preps in London.

The SCHOOLS pages on this blog provide in-depth profiles of the twenty five top pre-prep schools in Central London, as well as links with further resources for each school (such as inspection reports, parent reviews, registration forms).

My BLOG discusses news and events relevant to individual schools and the sector as a whole, such as the introduction of new scholarships, publication of senior school placements, pre-preps discussed in the media, Open Days, and it also gives specific advice on choosing a school, registrations, assessments, and how to deal with waiting lists.

I also provide LINKS to all further resources that can be helpful to parents researching pre-prep admissions for the time, especially while I am building up this website, as about half the school reviews are still work in progress – I hope to be finished with all school profile by the end of September at the very latest.


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