Eaton House the Vale

Eaton House The Vale, 2 Elvaston Place, London SW7 5HQ

Profile: Eaton House The Vale is a co-educational pre-preparatory school for boys and girls aged 4-11 that forms part of the Eaton House Group of Schools. It is a popular choice for expats looking for a British education for their children, and one third of the children have English as an additional language. The school is proud of its ‘warm, caring, secure environment where the emphasis is on treating each child as an individual and nurturing their individual talents and capabilities’. In a recent Ofsted report (March 2011), the academics of the school were rated as good and the overall welfare, health and safety of pupils as outstanding.

Admissions: There is no assessment for Reception entry into Eaton House Schools. Eaton House the Vale accepts 20 pupils each year, 10 boys and 10 girls, and places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Further details are given on the admissions section of the school website:

We are proud to operate a first come first served entry process into our schools at Nursery and Kindergarten level. As a result we recommend early registration where possible. To register your son or daughter with us you will need to complete a registration form for the school that you are interested in. Please contact either the Schools office on 020 7924 6000, or online via the prospectus request form.

We will send you a prospectus and registration form in the post.
The registration form should be completed and returned to the School office, for the attention of Mrs Elisabeth Milton, the Schools Registrar. The registration fee is £30 for a waiting list place and £50 for a definite place.
All parents of children with definite places will be invited to attend a meeting with the head teacher and have a tour of the school approximately a year prior to their children joining the school.

Parents who have been allocated a definite place are invited to visit the school and meet the Headmaster during the Summer term, one year prior to entry, at which time a deposit is required to secure the place“.

Exit Results: Running only from 4-11, boys tend to leave aged 8 to other preparatory schools that prepare for the Common Entrance Exam at 13.  Even some girls leave for other preparatory schools at that stage. There is a lack of hard data on the school website, which can be a sign that the school is less successful in placing the children to the top secondary schools, so this is an area to check during a school visit. The school gives the following information in the Exam Results section of its website:

The boys take the 8+ entrance examinations to a variety of schools including: Eaton House the Manor Prep, Colet Court, Westminster Under, Sussex House, Westminster Cathedral Choir School, Wetherby and also boarding schools such as Ludgrove, The Dragon.

At age 11 the girls either go to London Day Schools such as St Paul’s, Godolphin and Latymer and Francis Holland or to boarding schools such as St Mary’s Calne, Downe House, Heathfield and Tudor Hall.

Leavers 2011


Fulham Prep
Westminster Cathedral Choir School
Wetherby Prep
Colet Court
Offers from Westminster Under,


Bute House
Le Petit École
Fulham Prep
Offer from Pembridge Hall”

Further resources:

School reviews on this website express my personal expression, based on web research, school visits and word of mouth between parents. If you have a different experience of the school or would like to add information missing here, or if you have any other helpful hints, please leave a comment below.


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